Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Old Tappan

Oakes Park

Today, it was sunny but a bit under 80°F, which is good weather for going outside. In the afternoon, I went to seek the Old Tappan 4 x 4 geocache. It is a 4-stage multicache located in 4 different parks in the town of Old Tappan. Normally, I'd consider 4 stages to be a bit much for one geocache but all the parks were within about half a mile of each other and each stage was easy to find, so the entire set didn't take much time at all. Of the four locations, Oakes Park had an interesting sculpture and fountain.

In the evening, I went for 4GONE: Wolverine Lair at Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Ringwood. It is one of a set of geocaches placed for an upcoming camping event. This one isn't far from the road -- only about half a mile. I wasn't familiar with the second red trail, so I went the wrong way and approached the cache site by bushwhack, which wasn't difficult as there isn't much brush in that area.
Tags: geocaching, old tappan, ramapo mountain state forest, ringwood
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