Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Southwestern Connecticut, Round 2

Sunny day. 75°F - 80°F. Windy at times. I went to Southwestern Connecticut again. (Merritt Parkway and I-95 corridor) This time, I got as far as Westport before sunset. I couldn't resist doing one more at night because it was at an I-95 rest area but I stopped right after that to save the rest of the geocaches for the next trip.

The most interesting cache of the day was "Food for Thought". The initial coordinates point to the front door of a Chinese restaurant. The first part involved looking up food items on the takeout menu to get the coordinates for the next step, which was a traditional cache hide in Cranbury Wood. I do still have the takeout menu and I'll consider making a dinner stop there one day if this restaurant is on my way home. Aside from that, the rest of the geocaches were regular hides, which is not to say that those were uninteresting because each one is a unique challenge. I did a few more from the "Little Green Men" series and one more from the SGD series. The only problems I encountered were two geocaches that had gotten waterlogged and one that had been vandalized.

Dinner was at American Steakhouse in Norwalk. I had the seafood platter. Yes, even in a steakhouse, I'd have the fried fish because I'm weird like that. I also had several helpings from the salad bar, which is the real reason I went to American Steakhouse.

Tags: american steakhouse, connecticut, geocaching

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