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Where in the world is Oscar Rivera?

Quite a day.

Main thing was the SE PA/NJ Where's George meet at the Pizzeria Uno in Franklin Mills. 21 Georgers were present. Had a great time. Mostly PA Georgers but AndyO and myself represented NJ. Never before have so many stamped dollar bills been in that restaurant and we left a pile of those to pay the tab. :)

The WG Meet was at 5pm so I knew I'd have plenty of time to go geocaching, provided I finished in time to drive to Franklin Mills. Found 7 geocaches, all with healthy amounts of snow on the ground although by that time, I was pretty sure the snow would not be a hindrance either in accessing or finding the caches. 6 caches were in NJ, 3 scattered around Morris County and 3 more around Hillsborough in Somerset County. Then I went to Franklin Mills by way of US-206 and I-95. Since I still had over an hour before the meet began, I visited a nearby cache in Pennypack Park just a bit down US-1. Made it back to the restaurant just in time.

First was Notchyer Basic Roadside Cache in Kinnelon. It's a two-stage with the first stage right by the road giving the coordinates to the actual cache a bit down the trail. Pretty simple. However, when I got back to my car, a police cruiser was there. Funny story. The police officer informed me that there was an NCIC (National Crime Info Center) hit on my vehicle registration. So now, according to the record, I'm Oscar Rivera, International Criminal Mastermind, 5'6" 150lbs. All of that is way off! When the DMV screws up, the DMV really screws up so I'll have to call them to find out how this can be corrected.

Next I went down I-287 to Wet Foote in Morristown. Yes, that's a pun because this is in Foote Pond Park. Multi-stage cache but very easy. Had to cross a creek at one point but it was frozen. Not that it wouldn't have been easy to cross otherwise but the ice helped me avoid getting a wet foote. :)

Then I went to Birder's Delight, a virtual. Short walk. Nice area, although the only bird I saw was one sparrow.

After that came a longer drive down I-287 to US-206 to Among the Rocks! (formerly A Kid's Cache). This is my second attempt but the coordinates were much better this time so it was an easy find. The whole of Sourland Mountain is full of rocks so I can see why the terrain rating has been revised upwards. The rocks may be dangerous for kids but ironically, an adult was the one who banged his leg on a rock as you can see in the online logs.

MORIA is in the same park but somewhat further in. If you're a Unix geek familiar with Moria, yes that's what the name refers to. I knew what it was so the cache hiding location was obvious. Retrieving it, however, was arduous but I did it.

Magoo's Missing Money 2 was nearby in Flagtown. Very easy and near parking. I thought the hiding spot was very easy to figure out but I'd seen this technique quite a number of times.

The Rock was just a few miles from Franklin Mills and a very short walk from the picnic parking area in Pennypack Park. I don't see what the point of posting a virtual cache with no verification question is but okay. I visited. So I logged it.


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