Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Before Hanna

Old Troy Park

I knew Tropical Storm Hanna would hit this area some time today, so I just went to Parsippany, not too far away, for a few geocaches.

It was a damp early afternoon. Cloudy and the temperature was around 80°F. Near the park and ride lot in Parsippany, I'd just finished with the "Park and (H)Ride" geocache and was heading back out when I saw a lady coming down that trail. She told me that she was looking for a strange man who lives back in the woods. I hadn't suspected there might be a hobo back there because I didn't see any tents or boxes and, beyond the usual litter 20-30 feet from the parking area, the wooded area was quite clean. I should've asked her why she was looking for the man but didn't.

After the third cache, the rain started coming down heavily so I went home.

Tags: geocaching, hanna, parsippany, storm
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