Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Losing air


The driver's side rear tire is still losing air but only at the rate of 5 psi per day. It's a slow leak. I haven't found the leak yet so I've just been pumping it up every few days. I have my own air pump and I've also been using the free air at the gas station near work. I'll get someone to check it within the month.

Teck Cominco is buying Fording Coal. So I'll get cash and TCK stock, but at the same time, I'll be saying goodbye to yet another top-performing and high-yielding stock. Many in the investment community still do not realize what bargains income trusts have become in the wake of the Canadian tax scare two years ago, but other energy resource companies have taken notice. Of my five income trust picks, two have gotten bids. I'm sure many more income trusts that I've not been following have also been acquired. Market forces will eventually correct what the government has broken.

More TwitVim development: I added networking code in Perl and Python as an alternative to the existing cURL-based networking. This optional enhancement needs a Vim executable compiled with the if_perl or if_python interfaces but it saves a split-second and avoids flashing a cURL tab in the Windows taskbar. (which is harmless but gets annoying after a while) The reason I added two versions of this code in both Perl and Python is to accommodate Vim users who may have one interface or the other installed. Of course, if they have neither interface, then it degrades gracefully to the old cURL-based code. I wanted to add a Ruby version of this code too but then I hit a snag. This blog entry (translated from Japanese) describes the problem. Basically, the following command in Vim:

:ruby require 'open-uri'; open ''

fails with this error:

SocketError: c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/http.rb:564:in `initialize': getaddrinfo: non-recoverable failure in name resolution.

Yet this code snippet runs in irb without a problem. I'll have to check the Vim mailing list archive to see if anyone else has run into this problem.
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