Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

LIGO Summer Picnic

Hot humid day. Slight threat of rain but it never happened. I went to Southaven County Park in Brookhaven on Long Island for The 6th Annual LIGO Summer Picnic Event. I intended to skip the morning activities and get there at around lunchtime, so I did a few geocaches along the way. When I got there, they already had the burger and hot dog grill going so my timing was right. :) Met a bunch of Long Island regulars, plus some new geocachers whose caches I'd been finding.

After lunch, we went out in a large group to do some of the geocaches in the park. I'm glad for the large group because a few of those geocaches were very difficult. In particular, for "Balance", it was good to have a fearless kid in the group to climb that tree limb. After that, I went off on my own to find some geocaches in the same park but further from the picnic area, and finished up with a quick cache in Lindenhurst on the way to dinner...

... which was at Sunway Restaurant in Flushing Chinatown. I was curious about this restaurant on the corner of Prince St and 39 Avenue and since I wasn't looking for a big meal tonight, I went in. (I was also curious as to how they remain open until 5am every night, but not all questions can be answered in one trip. :) ) I'd say what they offer is mostly Cantonese style cooking. They have a regular menu and also a dim sum order sheet. I ordered wonton noodle soup (a fairly safe choice for my first visit) from the main menu and "Malaysian cake" from the dim sum menu. This dim sum item looks like a foam sheet rolled up tightly. I know I've had it before back in the old country and it appears to be kai tan ko, a kind of cake made with egg instead of butter.

Tags: flushing, geocaching, geocaching event, long island, sunway

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