Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey and the Robin that is Red

Halloween decoration

Day 2 of my 4-day birthday weekend. :) My goal for the day was to make it out to Red Robin to use my "birthday burger" coupon, but why not do some geocaching along the way? So I did 12 of those in Central Jersey at a diverse set of locations, ranging from parks and rivers to a garbage-strewn backlot. (I'm looking at you, "The One".) It was a nice day to be outside. Sunny but temperatures were only from 65 to 75°F.

Finally, I went to Red Robin in Clifton and got a BBQ pork burger. I've been to Red Robin before a long time ago, but I never noticed that their steak fries were seasoned with garlic. Those were good enough that I got a steak fry refill.

Tags: central jersey, geocaching, red robin
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