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Sunny. 63°F-72°F. I started geocaching in Northern Westchester, went south through Southern Westchester (I use I-287 as the dividing line between north and south), and finished up in the Bronx. The first two locations were easily the best of the day. Totally litter-free. It went downhill from there. The last cache site was such a dump that I decided it wasn't worth poking around to find the cache among the discarded takeout containers. I also came across human poop at a Home Depot parking lot in New Rochelle. Unfortunately, I found it the usual way I find such things. Ugh. Of course, it's not the first time I've come across something so disgusting in an urban area but all illusions of that area being better than NE Philly are now shattered.

I encountered a crazy gas station pump attendant this evening. He talked to himself the whole time and he topped off more than $2 past the first click until I told him to stop pumping gas or it'll spill out! State of New Jersey, could you please let me pump gas myself? Even with no formal gas pump training under my belt, I don't think I'd be any more dangerous than him.

Finally, I had Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's in Ramsey with five kinds of dipping sauces. That was great, and even better after I mixed the ranch sauce with the Buffalo hot sauce.

Tags: bronx, chicken mcnuggets, geocaching, mcdonald's, westchester

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