Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey

Sunny day again. Temperatures topped out in the upper 70s. I had a choice of several different travel directions today but I chose Central Jersey so that I could use my Rainforest Cafe birthday coupon at the end of the day. Sadly, that was not to be but I still did a lot today.

Most of today's geocaches were pretty easy. The two "Do-You-Dare..." geocaches were easy too, once I read the online logs and realized what it was that I was looking for. The sad part is every other park I visited today was a dump. I picked up litter and filled up two bags just walking a few hundred feet into wooded areas at those locations. Central Jersey has issues. On the flip side, Rutgers Gardens, where I found "Bam! Boo!" and "geokuch", was surprisingly clean for an area open to the public.

At sundown, I called Rainforest Cafe in Edison to ask about restaurant hours on Sunday. It was only open until 7:30pm, which wouldn't do because it was already 7pm when I called. So instead, I had a meatball hot-to-go bowl at Wawa in Dayton and then returned home.

Tags: central jersey, geocaching, rainforest cafe, wawa

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