Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley Fall Picnic

On Sunday, I went to the Lehigh Valley Fall Picnic at Covered Bridge Park in Whitehall. It rained the whole time so we were all under the picnic pavillion the whole time but there weren't any new geocaches in that park to go out and do group hunts, so that's just as well. After the picnic, I headed out to do a few easy geocaches in the rain. A few became more than a few and soon, I was all the way out by Fogelsville. Turned around and picked up one more geocache in Bethlehem before dinner at Arby's near Nazareth.

Apparently, some Lehigh Valley locals know about the geocaches. While I was at "Soccer Rocks", a lady who was walking a dog in the park asked me if I had found the "clue". I thought that was an amusing term for a geocache. :) She also told me that there was another "clue" not far away in that park.

I knew from my last visit to be extra careful on US-22, especially near on-ramps. Sure enough, something unsafe happened again. It was the exact opposite problem this time. On my last trip, someone merged too slowly from a ramp onto the highway with very little room to spare and nearly caused an accident. This time, someone was too timid to merge onto the highway. The problem was when he became too timid, he was already halfway out onto the highway and he should've just gone ahead. Luckily, I wasn't going very fast so I could slow down safely (on a wet road even) and stop. Tapped the high beams to try to get that fellow to go. The next motorist also slowed down and stopped off to the right a bit. And then he joined in the tapping of the high beams. After an agonizing half a minute, the timid fellow finally went.

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