Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

One Headlight

Gas pump pavilion

Yesterday evening, I was near a cache site waiting for everyone to leave so that I could go look for the cache. That wasn't going to happen that evening so I gave up and I was about to leave when a nice fellow, one of the locals, told me that my left headlight bulb was out. This afternoon, I went to Autozone in Spring Valley to get a replacement bulb. Then I changed bulbs right in the parking lot before leaving Autozone. It was actually a pretty easy toolfree installation. The hardest part was figuring out how to remove and reinstall the engine cover clips because that's where the manual was somewhat unclear. Anyway, with just 10 minutes of my time and a couple of greasy fingers, I did this myself and saved a $25 labor charge. Not a bad deal.

Something else I saw yesterday night that I forgot to mention was a boat crash. Apparently, the boat fell off someone's trailer so it was just sitting there on I-287. No traffic delay because it was late at night on a weekend. State police had already set up road flares around the boat.

My uncle, back in the old country, hasn't been doing too well healthwise recently. He had two heart attacks a few weeks ago and now a couple of diabetic sores. It was pretty scary for a while but he's recovering and I do hope he gets well again. This is also a reminder to not be complacent about health issues. A few people in my extended family have had diabetes and heart disease, so I could be at risk too.
Tags: automotive, autozone, boat crash, headlight, health

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