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Indian Rock


This afternoon, I went to Indian Rock Shopping Center in Suffern for the Indian Rock geocache. The strip mall is built around Indian Rock, a large glacial erratic that got its name because local tribes used to hold tribal meetings there. There used to be a cache right at the rock but that one didn't even last a day; the cache owner archived and removed it as soon as he found out that the spot had historic significance. This new cache is somewhat different. The first part now involves using a number at the cache site to calculate the final coordinates and the actual cache container is on the other side of the parking area, which in my opinion is a much better cache location.

Work on TwitVim never seems to end. However, I've been keeping new releases a few weeks apart so that I have a chance to test the new code myself and so that I don't flood the Vim script archive with new downloads. Here's what I did in the latest round:
  • Added the :ProfileTwitter command and p timeline buffer mapping.
    These display a Twitter user's profile, including name, location, website, bio, stats, and latest tweet. I added this because I noticed that I was using the web interface to check Twitter users mentioned in conversations. Well, that's one more thing I won't have to use the web interface for.
  • Added the :RateLimitTwitter command.
    This displays API rate limit info, number of API calls allowed and remaining. Twitter allows 100 API calls per hour currently so I shouldn't have to check this much but if Twitter ever lowers the rate limit, I'll need this.
  • Added the :LocationTwitter command.
    This updates the location field in your user profile. Twitter doesn't geocode location info so I'm not sure how useful this is but it's there.
  • Added support for the API.
  • Improved error reporting for timeline commands.
  • Fixed error reporting for the Tcl http code.
    When I first wrote that code, I misunderstood the documentation.
I was also going to add support for but they haven't published their API documentation yet. They offered a sneak peek at the API but I'd rather wait for them to finish it and get it right first. There's no hurry.
Tags: geocaching, indian rock, suffern, twitter, twitvim, vim

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