Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Five


1. Under what conditions are you most likely to cause injury to yourself?
Slipping and falling somewhere, I suppose.

2. What named mountain is nearest where you are right now?
Campgaw Mountain. It's not very high and I went to the top of the ridge the hard way.

3. When did you last eat something with coconut in it?
The last time I had curry. I think that was two weeks ago.

4. Who's getting on your nerves?
How do I answer this without causing drama?

5. Somewhere, somebody is asking him- or herself whatever happened to you. Who is it?
How would I know?

From the altfriday5:

1. What the last political debate broadcast in your country?
The Vice-Presidential Debate on Thursday.

2. How much of it did you see or hear (none, some, all)?
I heard part of it on the radio.

3. Did the debate or the coverage of it change your opinions of the people debating? Why or why not?
Uh, no. I didn't like them before the debate and I didn't like them after.

4. What question would you have asked at the debate?
What steps would you take to disband the Federal Reserve and end the fiat currency regime?
Oh wait, the person I would like to ask this question is not in the race any more. :/

5. How do you feel you would perform if you were a candidate in such a debate? Why?
Horribly. I don't have a knack for spin and I'd likely say things that would piss off 97% of the population. Unless the debate is in the form of Friday Five, in which case I'd bore 97% of the population. :)
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