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I received a $5 gift check in the mail from KFC. I didn't know what that was for until I read the letter. During the first week of September, there was a quiz/contest on the KFC website about their new Original Recipe chicken strips. I had a few minutes so I answered the questions and I was one of the 1400 winners of free chicken strips. Since this is a gift check good towards any item on their menu, I would like to go to a KFC/LJS co-branded restaurant and see if they'll let me use it on fried fish. I prefer that to chicken strips.

Commerce Bank, which originally had red-themed decor, has been turning more and more green since TD acquired them. When I went to their Ramsey branch this evening, I noticed that their entire back wall is now green. (albeit still with a red "C" logo") There was a stack of brochures explaining the rebranding changes so I picked one up. It's because of a trademark dispute. Commerce Bank operates in 9 states, but not in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, there is another Commerce Bank. That wasn't a problem until TD Bank acquired the non-Massachusetts Commerce Bank and started changing their TD Banknorth branches into TD Commerce Bank. There are some TD Banknorth branches in Massachusetts so changing those into TD Commerce Bank would cause confusion. Hence the trademark infringement court case, which TD lost. And that's why TD is now in the process of changing all TD Commerce Bank branches into TD Bank branches with a green logo and green decor. Maybe they'll give me a green mousepad. :)

Another contrary indicator?

No, it's just a spoof magazine cover that's been floating around the internet. (The real one for Sept 27 was this image.) However, I ought to take a look at Time or Newsweek now and then to see if they've tipped over into ultimate doom and gloom.
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