Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey

Sunny and 70°F. It's a heatwave! :) I planned on going from North to South at first but ended up going from East to West because most of the new geocaches are in the Western part of Central Jersey. Started a bit earlier in the day so that I could get some good hikes in. Then I finished up with a batch of park-and-grab caches, the last three of which I found after dark.

Went to Red Robin in Clifton for dinner to use the coupon that the online customer service rep sent me to replace the one that the Easton Red Robin didn't accept. Given the Red Robin coupon problems, I half-expected them not to take this one but they did. This time, I got a chili chili cheeseburger. Of course, I also had a refill of garlic fries.

Tags: central jersey, geocaching, red robin

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