Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright 2008 Day 0


Started my trip to FurFright in Waterbury, CT, this morning and soon hit rush hour traffic on I-287. I should've started half an hour later but I didn't expect that traffic delay to last until 10am. As usual, I did a bunch of geocaches along the way, turning a 90-minute trip into an 8-hour tour of the Connecticut countryside. However, with the Fall colors almost in full effect, I do think it's the best time of the year for that. I visited some Southbury Land Trust areas, as well as Hop Brook Lake Park and the Larkin Bridle Trail. Arrived at the hotel a little after 5pm.

Dinner was at Hometown Buffet near the Brass Mill Mall in Waterbury. While in the parking lot, someone came to me saying that his red Chevy Blazer was out of gas. Now I know that there is a 99.44% chance it is a scam and he was trying to bum a few dollars from a bunch of people. I wasn't going to give him any money but I was curious as to what AAA would say about this, so I called them. They said they would send a tow truck out with a gallon of gas. I went into Hometown Buffet to have dinner and when the truck came, I went out to the parking lot again to confirm my request. Afterwards, the guy who was out of gas thanked me profusely and drove away. I still suspect it could be a scam but at least I found out how AAA handles gas requests.

Got back to the hotel and hung around a little meeting up with some friends. Then the pre-reg line started so I took care of con registration. And that's about it for today.

Tags: connecticut, furfright, geocaching, waterbury

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