Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FurFright 2008 Day 1


Started the day with breakfast at Dunkin Donuts just a mile down the road so that I could use the gift card I got as a FTF prize from a geocache a while back. I had no idea what the landscapers were doing to the parking lot but they had it blocked off and one of them had to move a truck so I could drive out. Later, I found out that my car was on a posted list of cars that needed to be moved out or would get towed. Oy!

Returned a bit later and attended the Opening Ceremony. Then I got into the husky fursuit for about 4 hours. Mingled with friends and con attendees in the hallway and lobby. Also went to two workshops, a dance workshop and a fursuit performance workshop, while in fursuit. Those were interesting, although I doubted that I would remember the dance moves by the time the dance started.

Got out of fursuit and freshed up. Then I joined the group dinner organized by wally_wabbit at American Steakhouse in Waterbury. Once again, I had the seafood platter and I also had some salad bar.

After dinner, I took a brief look at a room party and then I went to the dance in fursuit. Made some new friends and had fun. I also remembered one dance move, at least. :)
Tags: american steakhouse, convention, dance, dunkin donuts, furfright, furry, fursuit

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