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Returning from FurFright and Summary

Fursuiters at Blackie's

Convention was over and done. Early Monday morning, I did my fastest repack thus far. I hope this doesn't mean I left something behind in the room. Checked out and said my goodbyes to a few friends who were still there. After a quick breakfast at Burger King in Milldale, I made a big loop around Plantsville and Southington to get the remaining geocaches on my list. There haven't been many new cache placements since last year, so the travel distance between geocaches was on the high side but the weather was nice and I made swift progress.

Then I went back to Wolcott and Waterbury to tackle some of the harder geocaches I didn't do last year. I accidentally left my walking stick at "What's so Special 'Bout that Tree?" in Wolcott, but an hour later, after a salad bar lunch at American Steakhouse, I returned to the scene and it was still there. The last cache of the day was to rectify a DNF from last year and then I headed for home an hour before sunset. Since it was a Monday, I expected to encounter rush hour traffic but oddly enough, I didn't experience any traffic delays until I got to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

So what did I think about FurFright? It's still my favorite con. I've been going to this con since the first one, which was at a lodge in Middletown. (Those poor trophies. :) ) The con is a comfortable size and growth in attendance numbers is manageable. Many of my friends are there every year. As a plus, it's a great fursuiting con because of quick access from hotel room to event space.

The most memorable line I heard was in the headless lounge: "My own species is picking on me!" (There was also something about sausage later on at Blackie's that I won't post to this journal. :) ) My only disappointment was the pizza disappeared so quickly during the Dead Fur Party that I didn't see any of it. I thought there would be more pizza than that because of donations collected during the con. However, that's no biggie. I already had enough food and snacks that day, so I didn't really need a slice.
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