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Tuesday's Child is full of geocaches

Fursuiters at Blackie's

Monday evening, I got home, did the laundry and fell asleep from exhaustion. Remember that one Dr. Dolittle story where he had to treat an island full of sick animals and after that, he was so run down that he slept for 3 days? Well, after talking to the animals for 3 days, I was tired like that. :) Woke up early Tuesday morning. Here's where people get the impression that I don't go to work. There were 4 new geocaches near home -- 2 of those weren't listed until that night -- and I visited them all that day.

In the morning, I went to Johnny 99 near the Sharp corporate building in Mahwah. It was simple because I knew the access road, having seen it many times on my way up Route 17. Then at lunchtime, I went for A Whole Lot of Tandem at a truck parking lot in Spring Valley. I knew about this tandem lot because I'd been there previously to look for a USGS benchmark. Never found that benchmark for reasons unknown but fortunately, the cache was easier.

That night, I was catching up with the latest cache listings when I saw two new geocaches in West Nyack. So I went for Park & Grab #1 and Park & Grab #2. The two geocaches were both in park and ride lots but on opposite sides of the Route 59 and Route 303 interchange. Both geocaches were easy to find in the dark. Only the second one took a little while because I started looking at the wrong spot and didn't see it until I went back to the car to get the bigger flashlight.

After that, I was a bit peckish so I went to Palisades Center nearby to see what, if anything, was still open that hour of night. Well, surprise. Buffalo Wild Wings was still open (BWW and TGI Friday were the only two businesses open late there. Even the theater was closed by that time.) and they still had 40-cent Wings Tuesday. So I got a dozen wings in Southwest Chipotle sauce. Because my sleep schedule was out of whack, it was actually my fifth meal of the day. From morning to night, I had: breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, pie, and wings. I got six free wings for filling out the world's shortest online customer survey, so I'll be back for more late night wings soon.
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