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Tuesday's Child is full of geocaches II

90000 miles

Except for the all-day rain, this Tuesday turned out to be much like the last Tuesday. A power failure early this morning reset my alarm clock so I woke up late. No problem. I just took half a day off and went to work in the afternoon.

Went for 3 geocaches in Congers in the evening. First one was Dam Lake, a quick grab near Congers Lake and the Paul Farmhouse. Second one was Congers Secret Cache. For this one, I found parking significantly closer than the suggested parking location. So it was a quick cache, which is good because there was still a drizzle. And finally, I went further up Route 303 to Hemlock Park for Hemlock. That was easy too, although for some reason, the terrain was rated 3 stars.

Palisades Center was just a straight shot down Route 303 from Congers, so that's where I went next. Just like last Tuesday, I had 40-cent wings on Wings Tuesday at Buffalo Wild Wings. I also took a look at the Acer Aspire One mini-notebook at Staples since it was in this week's store circular. The keyboard is too small for my hands. However, I remember thinking that about the ThinkPad when I first got it too. It may just be a matter of getting used to the form factor. Performance seems to be adequate, at least for applications that they had already installed. Of concern is memory upgradability. It appears that the Aspire One cannot take more than 1GB of RAM, which is a problem because I already use a bit more than 1GB on my ThinkPad. No hurry though. I can wait for more mini-notebooks to show up in stores before deciding.
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