Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Five

From thefridayfive:

What's your favorite holiday ...

1. Song?
No favorite among the holiday songs.

2. Movie or TV special?
Toys, which was an unremarkable movie except for tall grass and mayonnaise sandwich.

3. Memory?
Roasting the free turkey from the supermarket and making a set of side dishes, which turned out well even though I'd never done that before. Then going out early next morning for Black Friday sales but not getting anything worthwhile.

4. Baked good or desert?
Pecan pie.

5. Each year, what's the one moment that lets you know it's officially the holiday season?
When I take the rest of the year off to use up my "use it or lose it" leave days.

From the altfriday5:

1. What is the biggest thing you've tried to do and succeeded?
I'd have to say emigration, but only because it was a long and difficult process.

2. What is the biggest thing you've tried to do and failed?
I took the GRE but I failed to get into graduate school after college. However, I don't really consider that a failure any more. I was just weeding out one of the possibilities.

3. Do you regret trying to do either of those things? Why or why not?
No regret on the first because the old country didn't have as many opportunities. No regret for the second because I wouldn't know if I didn't apply.

4. Do you feel like you are generally realistic about your chances of success or failure? Why?
Fairly realistic. I finish more than half of what I set out to do.

5. Are there any things that you want but are afraid of trying to get or do in case they fail?
Moving out of this area. I think I'm just waiting for a forcing circumstance.
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