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Blizzard 2003, The Day After

The snowpile wasn't so bad. I shovelled a bit around the back and a bit around the front of the car. Then I got in and rocked the car back and forth until it went over the snow. (It has no resale value. :) ) And then I brushed the remainder of the snow off the roof, trunk, hood and windows. After shovelling a bit more to clear the spot, I was on my way to work.

I noticed that one of the number plate screws was loose so I used some duct tape to hold it together for now until I could repair it. It's the darn front plate that always gets bashed in. Of course that should never happen but sometimes my estimation of distance can be a bit off in parking garages and there have been fender taps and things like that. Why does NJ need front plates anyway? Don't need those in PA. Such an annoyance.

Speaking of which, I need to call the NJ DMV to deal with the erroneous NCIC hit on my car registration. They need to be informed that I'm not Oscar Rivera, International Criminal Mastermind. :/

Entered 469 singles yesterday to make my total 58,000. I only had time to stamp about half of those yesterday night but I needed to reink the stamper anyway.
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