Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island and further exploration of Flushing Chinatown

Sunny and around 60°F. Cache placement activity on Long Island was rather high last week, although having 20 new geocaches in one week is not a rare occurrence there. I did geocaches in the northern half of the island during the daytime, turned around at Stony Brook, and continued with geocaches in the southern half at night. I figured it would be easier that way since the south shore is easier to navigate and I didn't want to have to read street signs in the dark to tell one road from another. Got 18 geocaches.

Saw a flaming wreck (Literally so. There was a lot of smoke coming from the engine) on Southern Parkway in the Hempstead/Baldwin area. Apparently, someone drove into the concrete median.

Dinner was in Flushing Chinatown. This time, I went to Curry Leaves, the other Malaysian restaurant on 40th Road. I'm impressed with this restaurant. Their cooking style is authentic Malaysian (or close enough for the discerning chowhound) and menu prices are as low as Restorant Malaysia, which I tried last Sunday. Service is good too. Good and cheap... have I landed in the zone of no compromise? It's worth a few more revisits. I had roti telur and curry mee with stuffed tofu.

After dinner, I took a walk around the block and bought tofu fah (soft bean curd with syrup, served as a dessert) and Asian pears. That reminded me of the time when I lived in Manhattan and would go around Manhattan Chinatown just buying inexpensive food items to take home. Seems like my tastes haven't changed much in 14 years.

Tags: curry leaves, flaming wreck, flushing, geocaching

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