Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

In the Hopper

Unnecessary Closeup :P

Went out for a geocache in Mahwah this afternoon. I actually headed out a little earlier than I would've otherwise because I had to go to a meeting in the afternoon, and because of that, I caught Geofrog at the cache site. It was the Hopper Slave Cemetery cache near a small cemetery next to Ramapo College. The cache wasn't terribly hard to find, even if it wasn't where we started looking. After that, we chatted a little and "discovered" some travel bugs. Nice to meet a fellow geocacher while out on a quick cache dash. Then I got a chicken pizziola footlong at Subway in Ramsey. Going to keep eating this until the novelty wears off. :)

It appears that I'll be on vacation nearly all of December, starting from the 2nd of the month, if I use all my remaining leave days for this year. I may try to take a day or two off in November to balance it out but if not, no problem. There are usually a bunch of events in December that would be nice to attend. Maybe I'll squeeze a trip to Delaware in the middle of that too.
Tags: cemetery, geocaching, geofrog, mahwah, ramapo college, subway
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