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UCPN Festival of Trees

I'm glad I didn't go shopping early this morning. However, I did go to the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale (less than 10 miles from the Black Friday mob scene) to do a mascot gig at UCPN Festival of Trees. Damian K. and I were the only two Hi-4 mascot performers there today, although UCPN did have a few of their own. (their Christmas tree mascot, a brown bear, and a polar bear)

The Festival of Trees is a 3-day event. Friday is usually less busy than Saturday and Sunday, so this was a relatively laid-back gig. I thought it was a nice change of pace though. The hallways weren't too crowded and I never had more kids around than I could handle. I did a few sets with 15-minute breaks in between. Stopped for lunch, which was catered for UCPN by Champions Sports Bar in the hotel. Later in the afternoon, I took a longer break to hang out in the Hospitality Suite. Then I did one more set right at the end of the event before packing up and leaving.

Photography by Damian and I. We took turns with the camera. The polar bear and brown bear in these pictures are owned by UCPN and were played by UCPN volunteers. We later found out that the polar bear was not authorized for this event. Oops. It's a nice mascot suit though.

After the gig, Damian and I went to Flushing Chinatown. Well, it was mostly for me to do some food shopping. :) I got Chinese takeout from BLT Cafe. It's the place that offers 4 items plus rice and soup for $4.50. I'm constantly amazed at how you can find good cheap eats in New York City if you look around even though it is supposed to be an expensive place to live. Indeed, Scott Heiferman of Meetup and Fotolog called the city the best cafeteria in the world.
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