Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

NNJC Monthly Meet

UCPN Festival of Trees

Tonight, while on my way to a geocaching event, I made a slight 3-mile detour to Wallington for the Close to Brothers geocache. The cache site is a war memorial on a traffic island. The street it is on is fairly quiet for an urban area. I parked on a nearby residential street, took a walk over, and made the easy FTF.

Then I went to Fuddruckers in Parsippany for the NNJC - First Monday Meet and Greet monthly geocaching event. This time, I came prepared with a $3 coupon from the Fuddruckers mailing list. I had a crispy chicken sandwich and got a refill of fries too.

I know I shouldn't go to every monthly meet because I've been at odds with this group before but it wasn't too out of my way this evening. I'll think about it again when the January meet comes around.
Tags: fuddruckers, geocaching, geocaching event, nnjc monthly meet, parsippany
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