Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Puttering around in Paterson

Sandy Hill Park

My Friendfeed stream was listed in 10 People to Follow On FriendFeed for the Month of December on Louis Gray's blog. (Thanks to Mike Fruchter for the mention.) Apparently, quite a few people noticed. By the next day, I had 50 new subscribers! The pressure is on now to actually post something interesting.... Nah, it'll be the same ol' brain dump and you'll love it. :)

Did two geocaches in Paterson this afternoon. I thought about saving them for Wednesday when I'd have the whole day free but I caved in and dashed out for those. So much for delayed gratification, huh? The first one was Keep Off the Grass at Calvary Cemetery. When I got there though, I saw the cache right away. It was really obvious and stuck out of its hiding spot, so I was wondering why no one pocketed it yet.

Then, I went further into Paterson to Sandy Hill Park for the #15 geocache. This cache placement too was quite obvious but here at least, there seems to be a chance that people will walk right by without noticing the keyholder.

Today was my last day of work for the year, so I have nearly a whole month of vacation time. I have two geocaching events, one mascot gig, and one road trip lined up so far. I'll update as I go along.
Tags: friendfeed, geocaching, paterson, year-end vacation
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