Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey II


Cloudy. 40-53°F. Weather forecast called for a 50% chance of rain today but it didn't rain until just as I was done with the last cache of the day so I couldn't have timed it better. Today was mostly a roundup of new geocaches in Central Jersey.

I also finished the Fourbucks series of geocaches. I started that series a while ago but had a problem with Cache 4, which used to be in a bush in the center of a strip mall. (It's just across from Chipotle in Bridgewater Commons.) That cache got lost recently and the replacement cache is a much easier hide. So I got that one and then dashed off to do the final cache, which used code words from the other 5 caches in the series to derive the coordinates. It's a fun series but I'm happy to be done with that just the same.

Dinner was at Chipotle again. This time I had a chicken burrito bol, which is their version of the "naked" burrito.

Tags: central jersey, chipotle, fourbucks, geocaching

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