Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Friday Five

Is this how they used to make the burrito? :)

From thefridayfive:

1. Do you like the look of your country's currency (bills and coins)?
No, it isn't backed by gold enough. :)

2. Regardless of their actual value, do you like bills or coins better?
I like bills for Where's George.
I like coins, especially old coins, for metal value.

3. What is your favorite foreign currency? And why?
Singapore dollar, for the Chinese junk.

4. Do you collect coins or bills? Elaborate.
Mostly coins, if they're silver or Mercury dimes. I have some red seal $2s too. Basically, I collect anything that isn't too common any more.

5. Do you think human society could make do completely without money? Explain.
Could? Yes. Would? No. Even if we got rid of all forms of money today, some physical commodity will step in to take its place.


1. When did you last have a mid-day nap?
Not since the last time I was sick.

2. When did you last have milk and cookies?
I just did.

3. When did you last have a bubble bath?
It's been over a decade.

4. When did you last jump on the furniture?
New Year's Eve. Party. We were being silly.

5. When did you last play in the mud?
Last weekend, when it was raining. The mud was a side effect,


1. What's a profession you believe to be overpaid?
CEOs of most major corporations.

2. Who's a musician you believe to be overrated?
Nickelback. Overplayed on the radio.

3. What in your life could stand to be overhauled?
I need to get better at throwing things out instead of saving every last scrap like someone from the Depression Era.

4. What's something interesting you recently overheard?
I don't usually pick up conversation. Yesterday evening though, I overheard someone asking which state he was in. He was in the NY/NJ/PA tri-state area.

5. Who is the most overextended person you know?
I don't know. Got debt?
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