Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Sloatsburg and Hawk Rock


Cloudy. 35-39°F. I didn't want to go too far out today because I needed to take some time in the evening to prepare for upcoming events/trips. So I picked two nearby geocaches and did those. Both were more work than the average cache but they were very much worth the effort.

The first geocache was Sloat's Dam in Sloatsburg. This 4-stage geocache is a tour of an old dam system. It's hidden away from the main road so I had no idea it was there before going for this geocache. I could still see part of an old road and stone wall and a stone gate. I also saw the backdoor entrance to the Ramapo Service Area on the NYS Thruway.

The second geocache was The Hawk Temple at Ramapo Reservation in Mahwah. It is near Hawk Rock, which is a 3/4-mile hike up a mountain. The hike started off level but became quite steep when the Halifax Trail split off from the lake trail. The view from Hawk Rock is great.

After that, I had lunch at Subway in Ramsey and returned home.
Tags: geocaching, mahwah, ramapo reservation, sloatsburg
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