Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Wednesday Westchester

Cloudy with a slight drizzle. 34-37°F. It snowed the night before so I was wondering if I would have any difficulty finding geocaches in Westchester but the snow cover turned out to be only an inch thick at most and even that was melting away as the day went on. Today's set was a mixed bag: a few walks in the woods and some urban cache hides. I made reasonable progress although I hit some bad traffic in New Rochelle and so I did the last two after dusk.

Came back to Park Ridge to do some errands and use a Burger King coupon for dinner. I was wondering why Burger King was the only busy restaurant in town while all the other eateries were quiet when I realized that I was likely not the only person taking advantage of the discounts. In this economy, BK is about as fancy a restaurant as people would go to.

Tags: burger king, geocaching, park ridge, snow, westchester
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