Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey again

Cloudy and 34-39°F. Central Jersey is apparently now a geocache factory. Seems like I could go there every couple of days and pick up enough geocaches to make a day of it.

This time, I finished the day in Hillsborough. Manville was nearby so I figured I might as well have dinner at Arby's there. I noticed that there was a CVS in on the way to Arby's, so I took the opportunity to stock up on an item or two for my medicine cabinet and use up more of my FSA balance. Still have a bit over $40 to use before the end of the year.

A hybrid vehicle poses a danger to the unaware. This evening in Manville, I was driving towards Arby's in the strip mall parking lot. A man was walking on the side of the strip mall road. I was about to pass him when he turned and walked into the path of my car. I hit the brakes and tapped the horn to warn him. He may not have heard my car but it was his fault for not looking before crossing the road, even if it's in a strip mall. A similar incident happened back in October in Connecticut. I was driving on a residential road towards a small park in a subdivision. A landscaper was riding a lawn tractor on the road. Same problem. As I was about to pass him, he turned his lawn tractor to the left without looking behind. He assumed that because he didn't hear anything, no car was coming.

Tags: arby's, geocaching, hillsborough, hybrid danger, manville

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