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Spring Valley before the snowstorm

Only did one geocache today. It wasn't far from home and I figured I could get it before the snowstorm. (which arrived a little later in the morning than forecasted) That geocache was Spring Valley "County" Airport. It's right by the Spring Valley Costco, which I never knew was there because I hadn't explored the roads behind the Target strip mall.

So I found the geocache without much of a problem. The snow had already started falling. Got home before the snow really got going and stayed home the rest of the day.

From the altfriday5:

1. How do you feel about winter? Why?
I like winter as long as there isn't any snow. It's the one time of the year when ticks are dormant and outdoor areas are relatively uncrowded.

2. How about snow? Does it redeem an otherwise-gloomy season or just annoy you?
Makes it hard to find some geocaches.

3. How does winter affect you physically, emotionally, etc? What do you do about that, if anything?
Overall, I do better any time from Fall to Spring. I don't like hot weather.

4. Do you celebrate $winterholiday(s)? If so, which one(s)? What do you like or dislike about them?
I take most of December off. It's the celebration of finishing my leave days. :)

5. Do you have inherited or created winter traditions for holidays, foods, activities, etc?
No, the old country doesn't have winter.

From thefridayfive:

1. What decade did you attend/are you attending high school or college?
School was in the 80s. College was in the 90s.

2. What clothing fashion from that time are you glad/do you wish went out of style?
School uniforms. Ugh.

3. Do you still listen to the music from your high school/college years on a regular basis?
Yes, some radio stations in the NYC area play 80s music.

4. What hairstyle/hair color did/do you wear during high school/college?
Short. No color. Hmm... just like now.

5. What was/is "the cool thing to do" while in high school/college?
Huh? I was not cool enough to do "the cool thing" or even know what that was. :)


1. What's your favorite thing about the shoes you're wearing (or the shoes you were most recently wearing)?
No shoelaces.

2. What's your favorite thing about the people you work with (or the people you go to school with)?
Not a bad bunch as far as workgroups go. We do what we can with what we have and keep the drama to a manageable level.

3. What's your favorite thing about the climate where you live?
Colder than 60°F for at least 2/3 of the year.

4. What's your favorite thing about Friday?
Friday Five. Okay, perhaps not.

5. What's your favorite thing about the year coming to an end?
December vacation.


1. When did you last sleep in a bed outside your home?
At the motel when I went to Delaware last week.

2. When did you last drive someone else's car?
Last auto service when I drove the loaner car.

3. When did you last cook in someone else's kitchen?
Way back in college, I suppose. It was the shared kitchen. I made bacon.

4. When did you last care for children who aren't yours?
Haven't done that.

5. When did you last do someone else's job?
Last Delaware trip. I was the motel plumber for a minute when I unclogged the toilet.

From thefridayfive:

1. What did you do on Monday?
Read the journal!

1. What did you do on Tuesday?
Read the journal!

1. What did you do on Wednesday?
Read the journal!

1. What did you do on Thursday?
Read the journal!

1. What are you going to do today?
You'll see. :)
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