Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware II - Day 0

Nature dumped half a foot of snow on northern New Jersey yesterday. That doesn't make geocaches impossible to find but I figured it wouldn't be a good time. I checked Expedia and motel/hotel rates are actually a bit lower now than when I did my first Delaware trip earlier this month. In addition, the $50 coupon is still valid. So I made a reservation. Packed my bags but I hadn't actually unpacked so there wasn't much to do there. Put together some geocache information for the Wilmington area and I was ready to go.

Once again, I used the US-1/I-95 route down through Northeast Philadelphia. Past Trenton, there was no snow on the ground. Of course, I couldn't resist trying my hand at a few geocaches in the snow around Princeton and the Brunswicks. I think I actually saw a geocacher coming out of the trail but I didn't recognize him. However, I was able to follow his tracks all the way to the cache site so that was easier than expected. The first 9 geocaches I did in daylight. Then I tacked on 6 more in urban areas in Northeast Philly. I think those areas were fairly safe even at night. However, someone did try to sell me a watch while I was at a cache site by Roosevelt Mall.

Once I was done with the 15th cache, I took Route 73 down to I-95 and went nonstop to the hotel in Newark. This time, I picked the Ramada on Chapman Road off 273. I was surprised that their room rates this weekend were actually lower than the motels near the college. This is a pretty nice hotel. Downside is no refrigerator in the room but this time of the year, I can leave the milk in the car and it'll freeze. Their wireless network is better than the one at Quality Inn.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, northeast philadelphia, ramada

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