Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware II - Day 2

Sunny and clear sky but cold. 21-28°F. I needed only 11 finds to get to the next kilocache milestone. I did that by 2pm, thanks to the many suburban geocaches in western Wilmington, especially at Banning Park, where there are four. That's actually the 2nd milestone I hit this year. #8000 was back in June and #9000 was this afternoon.

After that, I headed over to downtown Wilmington to try some geocaches by the riverfront. For a city on a weekday afternoon, Wilmington was surprisingly quiet. Maybe it was too cold for people to be out and about. The riverfront was very nice. The rest of downtown Wilmington looked a lot like Philadelphia but with easier parking. I didn't have any trouble finding parking near each cache site anyway.

Once I had enough of downtown Wilmington, I took the nearest arterial road back to I-95. Picked up dinner at Wawa on Rt 4 and Harmony Rd. Anyhow, Delaware was great once again. Today was the last day and tomorrow, I'll go back north via the South Jersey I-295 route. Hope things aren't too icebound back home.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, milestone finds, wawa, wilmington

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