Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware III - Day 0

After my last Delaware trip, I did some research and yes, there still are things to see here. Plus, I still had 4 uses left on the Expedia coupon code (yes, Expedia keeps track), so here I am again. I'm repeating the Newark Ramada stay since it is better than Quality Inn but only a few dollars more expensive.

Cloudy and very windy but the temperature was up to 65°F. This is a day with a 50% chance of rain but the rain never got beyond a fine mist. For geocaches along the way, I targeted South Jersey along the US-130 corridor. I actually left the NJ Turnpike a little early because of a traffic delay so I started with a few geocaches in Hightstown. Then I continued to Burlington County and Camden County.

Dinner was at Golden Corral in Audubon since it wasn't too far from the last cache and I wanted to have something before the remaining half-hour drive to Delaware.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, golden corral, south jersey
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