Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware III - Going home

Motel breakfast featured eggs and sausage today. May not be as good as Holiday Inn but it is pretty good. Loaded everything back into the car and checked out of the room. As I was leaving Delaware, a snow/rain mix started coming down so I decided to skip the Salem County geocaches on my list and go directly to Willingboro. Started doing the Woodland series of geocaches and then the snow and strong wind caught up with me. It didn't last long, however. Soon the snow went away, leaving only the wind. Then later, the wind slowed down.

On my way from Mill Creek Park to Boundary Creek Natural Area, I saw a downed tree on Creek Road and had to make a detour. It was a fresh downed tree and the police hadn't arrived to direct traffic around the obstruction. After Boundary Creek, I went to Moorestown for a few more geocaches.

Total for the year: 1861 geocache finds. (332 in December) 18 geocaching events attended. (The numbers for 2007 were 1450, 235, and 27, respectively. I stopped going to some geocaching events in 2008 but apparently, that still didn't bring the last number anywhere close to zero. :) )

Dinner was at Penang Malaysian restaurant in Princeton. I had curry noodles. I noticed that they raised prices and removed at least two menu items. If they keep doing that, they'll be just like Rasa Sayang in Wilmington. Naw, they're still okay but I've been spoiled by restaurants in Flushing Chinatown.

Tags: geocaching, penang, south jersey

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