Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

New Year's Day - Long Island, Flat, and Flushing

Cold day. 19-27°F. My plan was to go grab some geocaches out on Long Island during the day and then take advantage of free parking in NYC (New Year's Day is one of the major holidays with Sunday parking rules) in the evening.

After the 4th geocache of the day, I noticed that steering was a bit off-center. Pulled into a McDonald's parking lot and checked. Sure enough, the front right tire was flat. It was a pretty quick flat, not a gradual loss of air, so I suspect a nail, although I haven't taken a good look at the tire yet. This time, I was able to change the tire faster since I'd done it before and knew all the steps. After changing the tire, I got two more geocaches on the way to the LIE and headed over to Flushing Chinatown.

I videoed my walk from the parking deck to Curry Leaves. There's a contrast between the shiny new Queens Crossing Mall at the beginning and the more traditional Chinatown-like stores in the second half. Dinner was at Curry Leaves. I had dried curry chicken, which is not exactly dry. They probably meant "chicken rendang". It came with a big heap of rice. (not depicted) For the appetizer, I had gado gado, which is actually Indonesian, not Malaysian, but I can overlook that transgression. :)

Tags: curry leaves, flat tire, flushing chinatown, geocaching, long island
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