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And so begins 2009

Seems like inauspicious things are happening at the start of this year. There was that flat tire yesterday. Then this evening, when it was time to leave, the front door at work got stuck. (They may be trying to tell me something there. :) ) On the plus side, I booked a quick 50% gain trading a beaten-down gas pipeline stock.


1. What's a dish you always go back for seconds of, even if you know you've had enough?
Fried fish.

2. For how many seconds can you hold your breath?
Tried a few times and got to around a minute.

3. What was the second-best thing about your New Year's celebration?
What celebration?

4. What was your most recent second-hand purchase?
A book from the Goodwill Store in Wappingers Falls.

5. A second-degree burn on human skin can be identified by the blistering it causes. When did you last suffer a second-degree burn?
I don't remember.

From the altfriday5:

1. Someone's built an orbiting habitat that revolves around Earth at twice the distance of the moon. You're offered free passage, and food, drink and shelter, as long as you help finish setting up the habitat -- build things, grow food, be part of the experiment to see if the humans can all cooperate enough to be self-sustaining. Do you go? Why or why not? If you go, what is your role?

No. Well, look at my track record on cooperation. I get mad at people and my latest innovation was making others get mad at me just by doing what I usually do.

2. Cryogenics is not an issue anymore. You're offered free passage on a vessel to Alpha Centauri, but you're not crew, and will be frozen until you get there. You decide to go. Why? What do you look forward to doing when you get there?

What is there to do over there? I must have missed the tourist brochures. :)

3. How do you feel about robots?

A Roomba would be nice.

4. You and your favorite person (or people) are offered the opportunity to travel into the future without leaving the planet: be frozen for an arbitrary length of time. Do you take it? If yes, how long will you be away? If you decide not to do it but a favorite person wants to, does that influence your decision?

No, because one may wake up to something like Idiocracy.

5. What one scientific development described in science fiction do you wish were part of our life? Why?

In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, they had perfume on tap. Well okay, that's not what I would wish for.
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