Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley

Sunny. 27-30°F. I hadn't been to Lehigh Valley since September because frankly, I was worried about getting into an accident with careless/inept drivers on US-22. Well, I went back to Lehigh Valley today and didn't see anything even remotely dangerous happening. There was, however, a two-car accident on the main road in Forks Township, but I just detoured around the block and didn't concern myself with it. Funny, the one time I actually used the correct exit to get to Forks Township, I end up having to take a different route anyway.

My first stop was at the Round Valley Reservoir in Western NJ to find the bonus cache in the "bagel" series. I couldn't get this one on my previous trip out there because the park closed at 4pm. No such problem this time. While there, I saw some people walking on the frozen pond, so I tried that too. Yes, it was frozen pretty hard after many days of below-freezing temperatures. I saw one group of people having a picnic on the ice. They brought chairs and a table too.

After that, I crossed the Delaware River over to Easton and Bethlehem. Cherry-picked the easier geocaches, for the most part. The last one of the day was totally unplanned. I missed an exit so I figured I might as well go for "Don't Be Cruel" while following a bunch of back roads to get back on track. Dinner was fried fish at Long John Silver's in Easton. I like this standalone restaurant because they have iced tea that is not lemon-flavored. Given the relative infrequency of my trips to Lehigh Valley, I was surprised that the cashier still remembered what I usually order.

Bought gas on my way home and got into a political discussion with the pump attendant. (He started it.) Well, I distrust nearly all politicians on both sides of the aisle and I tend to think that monetary policy trumps all anyway so my main comment to him was that Geithner's nomination to Secretary of the Treasury pretty much ensured that the same old bailout, TARP, and market manipulation nonsense was going to continue. He had a hand in all that as President of the New York Fed. I didn't stay long enough to talk about the Geithner tax evasion issue but I had other things to do anyway.

Tags: geithner, geocaching, lehigh valley, long john silver's, politics

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