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Fogcaching (Long Island Trip)

Dense fog forces closure of New Jersey Turnpike.

So it's a good thing I went to Long Island today. :) All virtual caches today so it was mainly a lot of driving. The fog was very dense and visibility on the LIE got all the way down to 500 feet or so. I think visibility was even worse on the Throgs Neck and GW Bridges where the fog hid all the road signs! (Hope no one got lost.) I timed my journey so that I would arrive on the North Fork just when the fog was lifting. I was too early though because there was still a lot of fog when I got there at noon. So there were no views of the bay. Phooey.

Nothing is Unusual was in Greenvale, a quick stop off the LIE. The bar and grill has good buffalo burgers but I think it is open only in the evening.

Miller's Revenge is in Southold on the North Fork. Nice beach. I could not see the object of the cache until the fog lifted. Of course, when the fog lifted I got a dose of rain. It's always one thing or another with this weather. :)

Greenport Art is in Greenport, of course. Nice little town. Big scary thing on the pier. :) Easy to see even in the fog.

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