Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Stimulus tax credit, WG at FC, and Twitter brandjacking

Delcastle Park

I finally got a chance to take a look at the House Stimulus Bill (H.R. 1), not the 647-page full text but at least the summaries. Just like last year, there is a tax credit. It's $500 for individuals with a phase-out starting at an AGI of $75K. So once again, I'll get nothing. Same old story. Then again, folks like me are always tripping over bags of money</sarcasm> and therefore need no special incentive to go out and buy those big-screen TVs, right?

Speaking of money, I didn't attend Further Confusion this year but apparently, one of my Where's George bills did. It's really cool that the user note actually mentions the con. I was wondering how it got there but then I remembered that foxwell and jbadger had some of my bills from when we met up and did a mascot gig in December so that's probably it. Thanks to both of you for getting the bills out there.

And finally, it appears that someone is starting sh*t on Twitter by brandjacking Furcadia, following every furry on Twitter, and posting a whole bunch of nonsense. I was just going to ignore that but there were two things to note. First is the 16 follow-backs. I have to ask why. I guess some have auto-follow turned on or are less discriminating in who they follow. Eh, their choice. Second is there do seem to be quite a number of folks from the fandom on Twitter now, which is quite a change from the days when only I and a few others were tweeting.
Tags: brandjacking, economic stimulus, further confusion, twitter, where's george
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