Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Power steering recall and Staples toner cartridge recycling

Memorial Park

I got a phone call today about an electric power steering link recall affecting my vehicle. I made an appointment to get that replaced next Monday. It'll be an all-day repair. While it's at the service facility, I'll ask them to take a look at the "Check VSC System" warning too. I haven't seen that warning in weeks but the code is still in the car computer so maybe they'll find something.

The current Staples weekly ad says that they are offering $3 in Staples Rewards for recycling any ink or toner cartridge. The word "any" was underlined in the ad. In the past, this Staples store has refused my toner cartridges because those were refurbished and/or no-name cartridges, not the OEM cartridges that they wanted. So I was prepared to point to the word "any" when asking for the $3 reward. But the store clerk took it with no trouble. The catch is the $3 is in Staples Rewards points, not cash or a gift check, so I'll have to wait until they send the reward at the end of the month.
Tags: automotive, power steering recall, staples, toner cartridge recycling

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