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I think I twisted my left foot. It feels a little sore. That's probably not so much an injury as the strain from stepping into snow or partially frozen snow and breaking through. The repeated bracing to stop myself from falling could have done it. Right foot is completely okay though.

I happened to have some Sportscreme so I applied that and wow, no more ache! The active ingredient is 10% Trolamine Salicylate. That sounds a lot like aspirin. I was curious as to whether that does anything so I did a web search and found this article in Sports Injury Bulletin. They sure do some interesting experiments, rubbing salicylate cream into knees of dogs. :)

I may still lose mail even if the USPS delivers it correctly. In today's mail, I found a rebate check wedged into a mail-order catalog. The rebate check was just a postcard so it would have been easy to miss, especially if I hadn't flipped through the catalog. (It's a mystery why I receive cigar catalogs.) That's just great. Another thing to worry about. There's no telling how much mail I've lost because it got stuck in junk mail that I threw out! Beware.

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