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Long Island

45-62°F. Sunny with a short period of rain. Because of today's unseasonably warm weather, I went to Long Island to tackle some geocaches that I'd put off because it was too cold on previous trips. In the case of "Nicoll Point", that was because the walk was too long to do in subfreezing temperatures. In the case of "HKB-2 Hundreds to Find", that was because it sounded like something that would take too long. I finished both today. Later in the day, I headed further east to Shirley and Mastic. I hadn't been to that area for a long time so there were lots of geocaches to do and enough left over for another trip. Maybe next week.

My only disappointment today was that the Green area parking lot geocache had already gone missing. It was in my usual parking area in Flushing Chinatown so I figured it would be convenient to get that just before dinner, but alas, that was not to be. This one had been out for only two weeks and probably didn't survive long beyond its first week. Flushing Chinatown has a track record of devouring geocaches. I remember another one at the busy Main-Roosevelt intersection that didn't last long either.

Dinner was at Curry Leaves in Flushing. I had satay tofu and ginger duck noodles. The duck noodles at Curry Leaves, while inexpensive, aren't as good as the duck noodles at Penang in Edison. The herbs make all the difference. I also thought it was annoying the way they chopped up the duck so that bone fragments got into the soup. In a way, it's a relief to find something where Curry Leaves falls short of the standard because I was starting to think that I could never go anywhere else again. So I'll still go to Penang for duck noodles.

After that, I did my usual shopping along Roosevelt Avenue. I noticed that the vendors at Roosevelt Food Court had posted food pictures and English translations of their menus. My guess is they got tired of explaining to people like me who can't read Chinese because it's so damn hard.

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