Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Recall service, toilet, and ALRs


Took the car to the service department this morning to take care of the power steering manufacturer recall. That part is free, at least. However, it's also time to replace the timing belt and battery so they're doing that too. The loaner car this time is a 2008 Highlander, which is like my car but without the hybrid system. The loaner has a third row of seats where the trunk should be. That's an option I didn't get because I don't have a family of 8.

Toilet is still broken. We tried replacing the fill valve but that didn't do it. I thought the problem was the flapper but replacing that didn't fix the problem either. Probably need a new toilet. In the meantime, I'm flushing with a bucket.

The geocache "Over there, over there, we won't be back till" had an additional logging requirement that you had to place two new geocaches within a week of logging it. I knew that would be a problem because the cache owner didn't mark it as a puzzle/mystery cache. (Traditional caches can't have ALRs.) What I didn't know is Groundspeak no longer allows caches that require placing another cache as a logging requirement. I guess that makes sense because we don't want people to place more drive-and-dump caches just to fulfill a requirement. Anyway, I'm not fond of caches with ALRs but now that this cache has been revised to remove the ALR, I'll go for it once it has been reenabled.
Tags: alr, automobile, geocaching, logging requirements, manufacturer recall, toilet

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