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Things I Can't Find On The Web, and Why I'm Not A Food Critic V

Can't find anything about Top Dog. (Star Comics) Apparently, I have the last comic, #14 from June 1987, in that series. Don't remember where I got it from but perhaps it was from a dealer selling secondhand comics at one of the conventions I attended last year. The title character is a walking, talking, secret agent type, orange and white dog with black floppy ears.

Can't find anything about the brown car Saturday Night Live skit. I think it goes "I drive around in a brown car..." and is basically a man singing the song while sitting in a mockup brown car while the background changes in a jerky manner. And it goes on for five minutes boring everyone to death. :)

Went with a friend to Hanami for lunch today. It's in Westwood, across from the defunct Chengdu East. Not a good omen as the latter went out of business despite being a great Chinese restaurant. I think the problem is the location. Center St is tucked away from the main roads passing through Westwood.

Ambience was okay. Suitably dark and wood-paneled with Rorschach inkblot art (I'm sure that's not what it was but who can tell?) on the wall. I had the sushi lunch while he had the crispy shrimp with honeyed walnuts. The sushi was not bad, and probably the equal of the other sushi place in Montvale. (Then again, I only know two kinds of sushi: the decent kind and the stuff from the supermarket freezer) Not sure I'd go all the way to Westwood for this but hey, keep those coupons coming. :)

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