Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Central Jersey on Valentine's Day

Cloudy. 36-40°F. Hit Central Jersey again because it is an amazing geocache factory. I thought I cleared it last weekend but this many geocaches sprang up over the last 7 days.

The first cache, "Over there, over there...", wasn't actually enabled at the time I found it. That was because the coordinates on the cache page were wrong and it takes a few days to get those corrected. However, I saw the tank in aerial photos so I knew where to go to look for it.

The 3rd cache, "Another Fallen Giant", required a bit of climbing but it was a snap to do. After that, I went to another cache in the same park. On my way there, I read the online cache logs on my cell phone. When I saw someone's log mentioning an encounter with not one, but a whole bunch of nasty neighbors watching from their back windows, I turned around and left. I didn't want to deal with that today. It's one of those caches where you walk through the park only to end up pretty close to backyards. Worse yet, this sounds like one would be halfway up a steep slope looking for the cache in full view of the neighbors.

Most of today's geocaches were pretty easy. There were a few more new ones on the Rutgers campus, which leads me to suspect that the cache owner has some association with the university. Given the number of times I've been at Rutgers for geocaching, I've probably already seen more of the school than some students. I've even seen the Center of Alcohol Studies, which I don't think is what they call their frat houses. :)

After it got dark, I headed back. Couldn't resist picking up "95 Spring" on the way home. Didn't feel like eating out for dinner, so I got takeout from the Chinese supermarket back in Bergen County.

Tags: central jersey, geocaching

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