Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rear-ended in River Edge


Sunny and mild weather this afternoon. I decided to head out to Teaneck for the My last year (as a free man) geocache because I could do that and then get lunch at the Chinese supermarket on the way back. It was a pretty simple geocache. The only major trick was crossing New Bridge Road, which was rather busy on a weekday afternoon, to get to the wooded area.

After I was done with the geocache, I made my way over to River Edge. I was stopped in the right turn lane of a traffic light when I got rear-ended by an 87-year-old lady in a vintage gray Chrysler. I can't speak for her but based on what she told me, she might've thought my car was moving when it wasn't. No injuries, fortunately, but there was damage to my rear bumper and to her headlight assembly. We called the River Edge police. Police officer came and took down all the information. I got her insurance info too.

Then I continued onwards, got lunch as planned, and went back to work. Called both GEICO and Encompass Property & Casualty to get the insurance claim going. I'll have to call the insurance adjuster at Encompass tomorrow to find out what else they need. I'll also need to get a copy of the police report, when it is ready, from River Edge PD. Never a dull moment.
Tags: accident, geocaching, river edge, teaneck

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