Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Garret Mountain, Insurance/Police, and TwitVim DM code


36°F this afternoon. Snowing/raining. Got a little tired of dealing with insurance and police all morning, so I went out to hit two geocaches at Garret Mountain Reservation in West Paterson. It actually stopped snowing for the duration of my trip out there, although it was still quite windy. What's in a name? was the first of the two. It was by a rocky cliff with a view of Paterson. While climbing towards the cache site, I slipped on some leaves and landed on the rock. Already, that's more injury than I got in the auto accident. :) In order to retrieve the cache, I had to walk down a rock crevice so it's a good thing I'm not too fat. (The cache owner himself almost didn't fit.) The second cache, Can you see me now? was a lot easier. It was just a quick grab off a residential road at the edge of the park.

Back to insurance matters: I called Encompass Insurance this morning. I had trouble reaching the insurance agent handling this claim but eventually she did call me. It sounds like they'll pay for the repair since their insured was at fault. My next step is to get an estimate from an auto body shop to replace the bumper and whatever else they find damaged. I also called River Edge PD but no one picked up the phone in the records department. It's possible that the records clerk had the day off. However, I don't expect the police report to be ready so soon anyway.

Did some work on TwitVim. In r36, I added a command to send a DM via the Twitter API. Previously, the only way you could do that in TwitVim was by using the "d username ..." special form. I added this enhancement mostly for because their server did not support "d username ...". However, I found out today that they have recently added the "d username ..." functionality. Oh well. It'll still be useful for Laconica servers that haven't been upgraded.
Tags: garret mountain, geocaching, insurance, police, twitvim
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